Management, development and oversight have all been faulty on the Port of Anchorage Expansion -- Who is really responsible?

Questions about the Port of Anchorage Expansion Project

Who Is Responsible?

Oversight is in the hands of MARAD, the federal Maritime Administration, but they have hired contractors to do the work and who will bear final responsibility for the project and its failings, cost overruns and mismanagement is anyone's guess.Keep in mind that MARAD has never administered a port expansion project before.

TOTE ship leaving dock at the North end of the facility.  This is the location of silt build-up near the dock, creating the need for dredging as well as unloading at high tide and bringing in labor at odd hours to work the ships.Sheffield has said the belugas are responsible for the massive overruns, but this goes far beyond the whales.Why wasn't an environmental impact statement completed prior to project start up?Allowing agencies, groups, the public and surrounding neighborhoods to comment would likely have shed light on the challenges ahead and might even have created a more manageable and common sense approach to growing the port.Taking the time to plan might have avoided the situation we now face.

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