Questions about the Port of Anchorage Expansion Project


Public Advocate Alaska is a public service website dedicated to asking the tough questions about the Port of Anchorage redevelopment.

Questions & Issues
Serious questions continue to plague the Port of Anchorage expansion. We look at costs, dates, construction and more to find answers.

  • Time Line
    The trail of news articles documents the problems surrounding the Port of Anchorage's expansion. From 1998 to today questions continue to be asked.
  • How Much Will It Cost?
    he cost for Anchorage's port expansion keeps going up. Who is doing what with whose money?
  • When Will It Be Done?
    The Port Expansion completion date continues to be moved outwards costing Anchorage's economy real money and headaches.
  • Construction Problems
    Questions about the construction, oversite and shabby work continue to pile up. The work done in 2010 involved dismantling construction from just a year earlier!
  • Environmental Questions
    What will the costs be to the Ship Creek Salmon Fishery and Cook Inlet Beluga Whales?
  • Do We Need It?
    Port of Anchorage use hasn't increased in the last 10 years and our population is fairly stable. Do we need this expansion?
  • Who Is Responsible?
    Management, development and oversight have all been faulty on the Port of Anchorage Expansion -- Who is really responsible?

Public Advocate Alaska shares the story behind the story - why the problems at the Port of Anchorage Expansion matters.

  • Concerned Citizens
    On a project this size, concerned citizens have been both paying attention and asking questions for years. Engineers, longshoremen and many others have tried to give valuable insights into the project from the beginning.
  • Who, What, When, Why & How
    Paper and electronic trail showing some of how the Port of Anchorage Expansion Project went out of control.

Latest News
Most recent new and articles about the Port of Anchorage Expansion.

What Now? - How do we get the Port of Anchorage project back on track?

Take Action - It is our city, our port, our problem - Actions you can take.

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