Serious questions continue to plague the Port of Anchorage expansion. We look at costs, dates, construction and more to find answers.

Questions about the Port of Anchorage Expansion Project

Questions & Issues

The Port of Anchorage is empty several days per weekFrom 2002 to today questions continue to plague the Port of Anchorage Expansion Project. We ask the following:

  • Costs:How much will this cost and who will have to pay the more than $700 million in overruns? Learn More.

  • Completion: Originally projected to be completed in 2011, the project is now scheduled to be done in 2021. When will we see a realistic end date?Learn More.

  • Construction:From the beginning, engineers have understood the massive challenges posed by Cook Inlet tidal action. Yet, millions of dollars have been spent in a sole source contract for a patented product that hasn't been proven to withstand an earthquake of the magnitude of the '64 quake. How will this "open cell" design stand up to the needs of the Port of Anchorage and Cook Inlet?Learn More.

  • Environmental:Severe silting at the north berth of the dock due to current-altering construction has created even more cost and potential for environmental damage. What will the costs be in the future?Learn More.

  • Need: Do we need an expansion when the port isn't at capacity today?Learn More.

  • Who is Responsible?MARAD? Private contractors? Belugas? Bill Sheffield? Municipality of Anchorage?Learn More.

  • What do we do now? The public deserves to know how the money has been spent. More questions need to be asked.Learn More.

  • What can we do? If the questions surrounding this project concern you then we have to take action together.Learn More.

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