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Before giving port money, demand answers
COMPASS: Other points of view
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Federal investigators to audit port project
HUGE COST OVERRUNS: Municipality also wants more oversight.


Published: 09/11/11 23:21:00

The municipality's troubled port expansion project is getting new scrutiny.

A federal audit is under way, focusing on the role of the federal Maritime Administration, an agency of the U.S. Department of Transportation that has had the lead government role in the expansion. Auditors are headed to Anchorage this month to conduct interviews.

At the same time, the Anchorage Assembly is considering a proposal to strengthen the municipality's role. Some changes already have been made to give the city a role in overseeing the project, but the Assembly has not formally signed off on a new agreement with MARAD, as the federal agency is known.

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Look At What's Going On Under the Port - The I-Team's Andrea Gusty goes on an exclusive tour under the Port of Anchorage and finds corrosion at its worst. The piles are so corroded that the metal flakes off with the slightest touch. By Andrea Gusty, KTVA Channel 11 News


Jack-Up Rig Diverted to Vancouver Because of Old Federal Law- Jones Act prevents delivery to the Port of Anchorage.


Phasing Detail Comparisions (Text, PDF)

Click image for Port of Expansion Comparison graphic, PDF


Anchorage port project mired in cost, construction woes.
DISASTER: Expansion and dock replacement might be abandoned. By LISA DEMER


BREAKING NEWS!Port of Anchorage Director Bill Sheffield unveiled a plan completing a scaled-back version of the massive port expansion project,

5/7/2011 News from Assemblyman Patrick Flynn

Friday, May 6, marked what was supposed to be the final Port committee meeting with the intent that the group would morph into the Enterprise Oversight committee providing oversight to all five of the municipalitys enterprises, including the port. But todays meeting, which we delayed in order to allow the recently-formed project oversight team (a joint MARAD/MOA/Port management group) to get up and running and present a path forward, was the most disappointing meeting of all the gatherings weve held over the past year.

4/13/2011 Alaska State Senate is taking notice:

Anchorage - Port of Anchorage Expansion (HD 17-32) 20,000,000

It is the intent of the legislature that the Municipality of Anchorage submit quarterly progressreports to the president of the senate and the speaker of the house of representatives on thePort of Anchorage expansion project detailing all cost overruns and any significant projectscope changes.

Port of Anchorage Releases Annual Dock Tonnage Report 2001 - 2010

Total tons 2001? 3,997,123
Total tons 2010? 3,962,962

1/27/2011 Video Testimony

Port Director, Bill Sheffield, testifying on the Port of Anchorage expansion to the Joint Transportation Committee - 27th Alaska Legislature.

January 25, 2011

"The bottom line is that Sheffield has created an impressive history of overreaching when it comes to taxpayer-funded projects. He failed to listen to reason about the rail depot and he failed to listen to reason regarding the design of the Anchorage Port expansion. Regardless of who is ultimately to blame for both projects, our congressional delegation for securing questionable earmarks or lack of backbone by the railroad board or the City of Anchorage, one thing is clear; Bill Sheffield is the common denominator in feeding these runaway projects."

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