Port of Anchorage use hasn't increased in the last 10 years and our population is growing at a moderate rate. Do we need this expansion?

Questions about the Port of Anchorage Expansion Project

Do We Need the Port Expansion?

This is what the Port of Anchorage looks like 5 days a week - empty.IS AN EXPANSION THIS ENORMOUS REALLY NECESSARY?

The Ports own dock tonnage report from 2001-2010 doesnt show a sustained increase in any portion of shipped goods over the past ten years.TOTE and Horizon dock two days each week each to unload their freight.Five days a week there is no other shipper that docks at our port to load or unload freight.Concrete and fuel off loadings continue to occur infrequently at the southernmost part of the facility, but again, not to the degree to warrant enlarging the facility.Cruise ships are indeed calling at the port now, but that is a total of 11 dockings this summer between May and September and hardly enough to justify such an enormous and expensive facility.Sheffields assertion that if we build it, theyll come is foolhardy at best.

The Ports two primary shippers see the writing on the wall.Horizon invested, in good faith, $25 million in cranes, which they now plan to sell because they cant sit on the capital investment for another ten years.TOTE is spending money to avoid damaging their ships while at dock and neither shipper is sure promises made by port management will be kept.

December 282001
Anchorage Officials argue that major port reconstruction is needed to handle population boom expected by 2020 - predict population doubling. Sheffield expects to begin dock construction in 2002.

US Census reports that 2010 State of Alaska population is 710,231 and Municipality of Anchorage population is 291,826 - a total 10 year increase of 83,399 and 28,080 respectively - or, 1,337,063 persons and 555,572 persons shy of Sheffield's partial justification for overbuilding port infrastructure.

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