Our city, our port, our problem - Actions you can take.

Questions about the Port of Anchorage Expansion Project

What Can You Do?

Be a part of this process and call for more information. Call your Anchorage Assembly Representative. Email your legislators. Let the Governor, Senators Begich and Murkowski and Representative Young know you want accountability for your tax dollars.

Alaska's Congressional Delegation

State of Alaska

Governor Sean Parnell

State Senators

State Representatives

I Fred Dyson Eagle River 17 Anna Fairclough Eagle River
18 Dan Saddler Eagle River
J Bill Wielechowski Anchorage 19 Pete Petersen Anchorage
20 Max Gruenberg Anchorage
K Bettye Davis Anchorage 21 Lance Pruitt Anchorage
22 Sharon Cissna Anchorage
L Johnny Ellis Anchorage 23 Les Gara Anchorage
24 Berta Gardner Anchorage
M Hollis French Anchorage 25 Mike Doogan Anchorage
26 Lindsey S. Holmes Anchorage
N Lesil McGuire Anchorage 27 Mia Costello Anchorage
28 Craig W. Johnson Anchorage
O Kevin Meyer Anchorage 29 Chris Tuck Anchorage
30 Charisse E. Millett Anchorage
P Catherine A. Giessel Anchorage 31 Bob Lynn Anchorage
32 Mike Hawker Anchorage

Municipality of Anchorage

Mayor's Office

Anchorage Assembly

Anchorage Port Commission Members

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